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Next-Generation Healthcare Data Repository

Harnessing FHIR, Data Streaming, and Big Data to Enable Big Data Based AI and Streaming Analytics

Single Unified Big Data Platform with Data Lake and Hadoop RDBMS
Native FHIR Data Models and Interfaces with Streaming Message Engine
Streaming API supporting real-time AI analytics and apps

We invented a powerful policy-based distributed transaction management to effectively ensure the integrity of data in a distributed computing environment. Each participating application manages its transaction states and determines its next action according to configurable policies, rather than traditionally turning over to a centralized global transaction management.

Our platform enables healthcare organizations to move to the new FHIR standard in an incremental and cost-effective manner.We developed the first FHIR MPI to provide a standard interface so that customers can easily switch MPI vendors based on their evolving needs.

Our platform enables healthcare developers to concentrate on developing big data analytics applications, including machine learning and advanced analytics, in a real-time, distributed and heterogeneous environment.

Built with FHIR, HL7 V2, and CDA, we take care the complexity and standard interface to enable you to build your AI and big data analytics applications faster, simpler and at lower cost.

We are dedicated to using our skills and experiences to meet our customer’s needs. Please email us at info@fastrivertech.com to let us know how we can help you.