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About Us

Our Vision

Fast River Technologies is a healthcare software development and consulting firm specializing in healthcare data storage and interoperability on big data platforms based on HL7 and FHIR standards.   

Fast River Technologies was founded in 2018 by experienced architects and entrepreneurs with extensive expertise and in-depth market knowledge in healthcare standards, healthcare information exchange, healthcare master data management, healthcare data repository, streaming, and real-time data, big data, SOA and ESB middleware, enterprise architecture and integration.

Our vision is that unified and lambda-based big data repository will replace traditional RDBMS-based data repository in the healthcare domain, and reduce deployment and operational expenses and generate more clinical insights. 

Currently, we focus on transforming the next generation healthcare standard into available assets by combing big data and streaming data in an innovated solution.  

We stay ahead on the technology path by incorporating our transformative innovations in products and services to our clients. We are passionate about bringing innovative technology into the healthcare community, and we are passionate about using this technology to provide cost-effective, reliable and optimized enterprise solutions.