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Professional and Consulting Services

Backed by extensive experience in MPI, IHE, FHIR, HL7, streaming data, big data, healthcare data repositories, and enterprise integration, we provide Software and Solution Architecture Design, Software and Solution Implementation, and Enterprise Integration services for  

  • On-Premise and Cloud-Based Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index 
  • iOpen Master Person Data Management 
  • IHE Profiles Implementation 
  • FHIR API and Server Implementation 
  • UI Design and Implementation 

 On-Premise and Cloud-Based Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index 

Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index (OHMPI) (https://www.oracle.com/industries/healthcare/master-person-index.html) is one of the leading master index management platforms in the market. 

Fast River Technologies has extensive experience with OHMPI.  We offer support and services designed to address the complete life cycle of the clients’ OHMPI solution including:   

  • Solution and application architecture, design, and implementation
  • Application performance tuning
  • Matching algorithm parameter optimization 
  • Data profiling and cleaning  
  • Product customization and enhancements 

Fast River can build both on-premise and cloud-based solutions of Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index.  

iOpen Master Person Data Management  

Fast River is the developer and owner of iOpen Master Person Data Management (MPDM) open source project.  

  • http://www.openhealthtools.org/charter-projects-list/projects/iopen-master-person-data-management.html 

We can help you adopt lower-cost and house-owned MPDM open source solutions.   

IHE Profiles Implementation  

The Fast River team has the experience of designing and implementing many large-scale cloud-based systems of health information exchange from concept to production and led the successful certification of multiple products in IHE Connectathon events.    

We provide consulting services to help with your IHE implementation. 

FHIR API and Server Implementation  

Fast River Technologies has designed and implemented a Patient Registry server with an FHIR API.   This product has passed all pre-Connectathon tests and is expected to be tested in the 2019 HL7 FHIR Connectathon event in May 2019. 

We can help you develop new FHIR applications and integrate FHIR support to existing applications. 

 UI Design and Implementation 

Backed by our team’s proven track record of designing and implementing many web-based applications by leveraging various cutting-edge UI technologies, we help customers build and launch successful web-based applications.